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Today families and students choose a school that suits their needs, schedules, dreams, tastes and preferences.

That is why eduk2 is the first real platform to choose education services.

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Competitive advantages

Your school will receive a set of services and benefits by joining our advertising network of schools, among which the following stand out:


Brand positioning

Gain a privileged place in the mind of your school's target market.


Make the community know the history and the value that the educational model of your school has to offer.


Target filtering

Helps the right families and students, for your educational project, to find your school.


Data Analytics

Make strategic decisions based on market information


May they always recognize you

The purpose of eduk2 is to promote an educational offer specific to the needs, likes and preferences of each family, increasing the level of commitment to purchase, and this is achieved through various strategies that seek to establish contact with families and students.

Among them is to position the educational brand of each school, high school or institute, as well as the academies; in such a way that it stands out from its competition and is present in the minds of consumers, when deciding whether to buy it or not.

To achieve this, eduk2 highlights differentiating factors of each school:

  1. Identify the differentiating elements.

  2. It highlights the originality and uniqueness of each school.

  3. It focuses on the benefits that each school or academy brings to the student.

  4. It integrates the general communication of the school or academy with its target market.

  5. Aim for profitability looking for a good ROI of the recruitment campaign.

  6. It establishes a constant process by which it reinforces the identity of the school or college.


Inspire to take action

You tell your story through eduk2 , show the values, virtues and inspiration of your school or academy.

Create an authentic and human connection with families and students through articles, interviews and institutional videos; little by little you will gain their trust.

Your school or academy will make a difference by teaching everyone how your presence has a positive impact on the world, and you make your clients never want a world without you.

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Plan strategies with real data

The eduk2 platform collects, measures and interprets the data generated by users when interacting with information from schools such as yours, in order to draw conclusions that generate specific and necessary recommendations to improve and optimize the business of your institution. In other words, you will receive information that derives in knowledge that you can use to generate a more comprehensive strategy for your educational business.

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Help your ideal clients find you

No two schools are the same, but parents look for specific features from schools in which to place their trust, reason why at eduk2 we developed the first intelligent platform for filtering schools according to the needs and preferences of each family.

Here we describe how parents can find their ideal school

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